Influencing Revit family parameters from within a schedule.

I ran into this problem where we wanted to change family parameters from within schedules but Revit wouldn’t let me. So I started testing the possibilities.

I created a simple generic model family with a Width and Depth shared instance parameter, I’m able to change the values in the schedule. When I change the parameters in the family to type I’m still able to change the values via the schedules but now Revit gives me a warning “This change will be applied to all elements of type <…>”. This makes sense because we are changing a type parameter.

Ok so now for the next phase I will be nesting a shared family in this generic model, let’s see how this works out. |I make another generic family make it shared and nest it into the old one. I associate the parameters and tested it.

I was able to control the width and depth of the host family from within the schedule but we are not able to control the parameters of the shared nested family via the schedules.

This was not the clue to my problem because I already scheduled the host families. After testing about every possible thing I suddenly came to realise that there is a checkbox “include elements in links” in the schedule. And this indeed f*cked it up. I still don’t see why Revit can’t see the difference between linked elements and elements in the file itself but hey, it’s Revit.

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